6 Effective Ways in Improving Link Popularity

Article writing and distribution creates free one-way incoming links back to your website. Link building in this manner increases your website’s exposure, visitors, and your overall search engine rankings. By using the following techniques you can dramatically improve your website traffic in a very short period of time.

1. Create Viral Content For Your Website – Add your own resource box/byline to your articles and post them on your website. You could allow your visitors to publish the articles on their website if they also include your resource box and keep your hyperlink active. This will spread your link around the internet like a virus and increase your link popularity fast.

2. Submit your articles to free content websites for other webmasters to reprint for publishing. When you include your resource box at the end of the article with your website URL you will not only get free advertising, but you will get a link back to your site. This will increase your link popularity and cause your site to rank higher in the search engines.

3. Combine your articles into a free e-book. You can place your business ad and hyperlinks back to your site in the e-book. E-book creating software is inexpensive and easy to use. Giving your e-book away to visitors and allowing them to link to your site to give it away to their visitors will multiply your website traffic, exposure, and link popularity.

4. Create an article directory on your website. People will visit your website to get free information. By allowing them to reprint your articles with the stipulation that they keep the resource box and hyperlink active you will increase your link popularity. Also allow your visitors to place a link on their website that links back to your article directory. By providing your free “instant article directory” to their visitors you will increase your website’s exposure and receive a percentage of their visitors as well.

5. Offer other websites, that are relevant to your own, free content articles about your area of expertise to post on their website. Include your link on all of your content. Your article should be related to your website because it will bring you visitors that are interested in your product or service.

As you can clearly see, writing and distributing articles can have a profound effect on your website’s exposure. There is absolutely no better or faster way to increase your website’s exposure, link popularity, and search engine rankings.

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