A Change Of Mindset

Self-subversion is a conscious effort to understand our minds. We can make a determined effort to know the way we think. This can be done by drawing inferences from experience.

We can know why we have a fear for a particular activity or object by delving deep into the way we reacted to that fear or object. This will give us a better insight into our inner-minds. Once we understand the basic cause of the fear, we can take steps to overcome it.

Do you remember your first day at school? Were you afraid to leave your mom and dad to go to a new place? After a while, you enjoyed going to school. How was this possible? By analyzing and understanding, the way you overcame this fear can help you to conquer any other fear that you have.

Our behavior is highly influenced by external forces. These forces could include the various events that happen around us like violence, racism, poverty, crime, abuse and much more. They are mostly negative than positive. Like our past experience, we can also draw inferences from these events. We can analyze our reaction to a particular event and then analyze the cause-effect relationship. By determining the cause and by understanding the effect, we can make a premeditated decision to overcome any negative effect of that event.

Understanding our fear and taking steps to overcome them will go a long way in making us self-reliant. Our dependence on external factors and our fear or reluctance to do a certain activity will be greatly reduced. This will give us the self-confidence to achieve whatever we want.

To achieve self-reliance and self-confidence, we must fundamentally believe that we can change the way we think and act. We must move from a negative-centric world to a positive-centric world. We must make a conscious decision to close our minds to anything negative. At the outset, we must comprehend the fact that there are some things in us that have to be changed for us to become better individuals. Everything in this world has a cause-effect relationship.

Fundamentally, we must analyze and understand the cause of a particular behavior or action. After understanding the reason for a particular behavior or action, we can take determined steps to change that.

For example, you are drastically affected by war and other killings and because of this, you are paranoid about traveling. This paranoia can be conquered. The first step is to accept the fact that you are paranoid about traveling due to the fear of being killed. After that, you can dig deep into your mind to understand why war and killings affect you so much. It could be because of some murder that you saw when you were young, or it could due to some show on the television, or it could be due to a book you read or a movie that you watched. Now that you have understood the cause, you must take steps to address it. You can decide to close yourself to any kind of negative events like killing and war. When you keep making a determined effort over a period of time, you will realize that your paranoia has decreased. It cannot happen over-night. It will happen over a period of time and this period is very subjective. But remember, that you should believe that you can change all through the way.

A self-reliant person radiates confidence and motivation. He/she can be a guiding light for others. Self-reliant people can motivate themselves and others to achieve a target or to accomplish a mission. They can instill confidence in others propelling them to become better individuals.

When every person becomes self-reliant and motivated, we can annihilate the evils existing today to give an improved world for the future generations.

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