All You Should Know About Hiking

When for some people hiking started as a family vacation tour to some town or village in the backcountry, and in order to get occupied, their family members might have given them a copy of what’s called backpacking. Some others would have been doing this for a long time and not able to remember the time from which they have been strapping their boots and wandering in the wilds for miles.

Whatever it may be, one point is sure: There is only one purpose by which we go hiking. That is none other than enjoying the beauty that our Mother Nature offers.

A person hiking for the first time can very well be recognized the minute we see him from his approach, hobbling with a backpack of not less than 50 pounds (often for a trip of two nights), which is essentially equal to the flatbed of Beverly Hillbillies, a tent of 10 pounds, a dozen of bagels, a couple of running shoes and numerous watchable things, which might seem handy during hiking.

Though this is a picture bit amusing, this is true for most of the hardened veterans of the backcountry when they are a beginner in this field. But need not worry. If at all you are a starter in the field of hiking, you will soon be able to put many miles on your boots. As time passes, you will be on the way of fine-tuning your art, till finally, your backpack does not appear like a truck and you do not carry many a number of bagels.

Here follows some advice and tips you may feel useful before you would learn from experience and fetch your degree from on-the-trail University.

Have Fun

That is certainly what it is meant for. Though you may have many other reasons for putting your shoes on, in the end, all these would come down to a single thing — fun. However, without fun what is it worth for? Who would simply bear all the hardships of it, when it is the numerous bug bites and the few scraps that are awaiting them. Who would bother to go for a hike if not for fun?

Follow this piece of advice. Spend time with nature. Have fun. Breathe the fresh air. Watch the formation of a cloud. Rule no.1 is “No stress”. Going hiking, breaking this rule, is a waste.

Be Prepared

You simply cannot forget regarding your safety since it is said that hiking is all meant for fun. You have to keep in mind that you are going outdoors. Anything may happen. Inadequate preparation is the main reason for most of the back-country misses and disasters. Insufficient clothing, inability to find correct routes, incorrect judgment calls- all of these are responsible for the dangerous situations that hiking may lead to.

In order to get the best prepared think about all the conditions, you may enter into while going for back-country hiking. Get packed accordingly once you are able to figure out the ways to deal with them. An inquiry can be made at the park management in order to get advice regarding the local conditions and permission procedures.

Know Your Equipment

It is not that bad to be a trail dork, particularly when your life is on the line. Knowledge about the material of insulation of your sleeping bag will not certainly spoil the cool image you have when there turns out to be a storm or when the night appears freezing cold.

It is always good to know about your equipment as you cannot expect when your gear may be called upon once your life is in danger.

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