Five Simple Rules for Commercial Cleaners to Follow

You are a young contract cleaning company or just starting out and want to expand? So many cleaning firms are run as a “one man band” and do not want to employ cleaners, so they are incapable of expansion. If you are reading this then you are not among that number and want to enlarge and expand your cleaning business. There are a few simple rules you must follow if you want to be successful in this and retain your contracts.

1. Visit each site at least once per week. In order to ensure that the cleaning is taking place as you want it to. Vary the times and days of your visits.

2. Maintain good communications with the client and respond rapidly to any requests or complaints.

3. Maintain good relations with your staff. Your most valuable resource is your staff so treat them well and not just in monetary terms.

4. Maintain all equipment used on a site in excellent working order. If a piece of equipment is not working efficiently then the cleaners no matter how hard they work are not going to be able to carry out the cleaning effect, and they will soon become disgruntled.

5. Ensure that there are always adequate supplies of cleaning materials available for the cleaning staff on each site. If they have not got the materials then they cannot carry out the job effectively.

These five points would seem to be common sense and indeed they are. However, the larger you become and the more contracts you take on the more difficult it becomes to carry them out consistently. You are out there working away trying to attract in more business, attending to new customers, setting up new contracts, and sometimes involved in crisis management. Under these normal pressures of work, these basic principles can be pushed to the bottom of the “to do” list. A clean may be going along with no problems and under these circumstances, it is quite easy to assume that all is well and does not require your attention. Then out of the blue, it can come up to bite you! Consequently, always give time to perform these five “rules” regardless of the other pressures on your time.

Experience has shown that the larger the company becomes the more these five points become neglected. Very large companies often lose contracts simply because they neglected these five cardinal rules and you can step into their place and pick up these contracts. However, you must always be on your guard that you do not fall into the same trap as you become bigger.

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