Golf Instruction On A Budget: What You Should Know

It must be nice to drive around in a little golf cart and play the perfect game on a perfect green. Golfers everywhere are envying you as we speak. What’s that? You aren’t driving around in a cute little cart or playing a perfect game? And no one is envious of your supremely skilled game? One would assume that means Tiger Woods isn’t on hold on line 2 then. Odds are good that Tiger is never going to be eagerly awaiting your call, but that doesn’t mean that with effective golf instruction you can’t be the envy of the green.

Let’s face it; most of us can’t afford private lessons with a pro or even with the local country club’s golf instructor. Knowing where to look and what to look for go a long way in finding help with golf instruction, however. It doesn’t matter if you play on the finest golf courses in the world or join up with your buddies occasionally for a round on the local public course. In this era of high-speed information, the tips, hints, and techniques used by golf pros can be at your fingertips.

Finding advice on golf instruction is simple really. Books and magazines are printed by the hundreds on this very subject. Either one would be an excellent addition to your birthday or Christmas wish list. It is a good bet that your significant other would be delighted with an original gift idea and at the same time give themselves the gift of not hearing you lament your golf game anymore. Check out the library for a selection of books that highlight every different aspect of the game of golf. This technique will save you bundles on your bill at the local bookstore. Another way the library can be useful in finding golf instruction is in their DVD department. Check out the ones that seem interesting. The DVDs you find especially helpful can always be purchased later. When your golf skills dramatically improve all your friends will think you spent a mint on private lessons. They’ll be so jealous.

While talking about acquiring golf instruction on a budget, don’t underestimate the usefulness of friends and family. If golf is a family passion, maybe Mom or Dad has some helpful hints that you overlooked. And the friend you are always trying to impress with your game may be the perfect instructor. You can always sway him by stating the obvious, if he helps you, just maybe he will at least have a little competition the next time the two of you hit the greens together. That should be enough to encourage some cooperation.

The information highway is the place to go for information on all kinds of subjects. You already pay for your Internet connection, make it earn its keep. There are countless websites and forums dedicated to the game of golf and many of them offer tips on a wide variety of golfing issues. For example, you can learn the best clubs to use for each shot and how to factor weather conditions into your game. This is seriously some useful golf instruction. Your budget will love you because you are using a resource that is already paid for.

When most people think about golf instruction it is rarely associated with inexpensive. Considering that golf course time, the equipment, and golfing extras tend to cost so much, budget golf instruction is the way to go. Who knows? Before long maybe Tiger will be calling, or maybe not. Either way, you will be playing better and the kids can still go to college.

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