Here’s Why Your Back Aches Regularly: A Back Pain Guide

The cause of back pain is usually due to the movements of the spine, which are very important for body mechanics. Too much stress on the back can result in a variety of injuries that may take weeks to heal, or even months to resolve.

Although this may sound like a common injury that anyone can develop, it is one that most people ignore. They simply shrug their shoulders and decide that there is nothing they can do about it.

In fact, back pain can be so debilitating that it limits our ability to participate in daily living. These people may have to spend a large portion of their time in bed. Without the ability to live a normal life, their quality of life diminishes.

In many cases, the spine itself is a weak spot, and as a result of too much stress, certain parts of the spine become damaged. These areas will continue to deteriorate over time, eventually leading to more serious conditions such as a herniated disc or a slipped disc.

There are various causes of back pain. Conditions such as arthritis are common causes. This may stem from an injury to the joints themselves, or it may be caused by a degenerative process where the body begins to fight off normal tissue, which in turn causes inflammation, redness, swelling, and pain.

Poor posture, due to muscle imbalance, may also cause back pain. When a person leans too far forward, they will develop slouching, which will cause stress on the back. The weak muscles in the back will allow the spine to sag, which will put a strain on the vertebrae.

The damage done to the spine from improper posture is often more difficult to repair than the damage done to the bones in the lower back. Fortunately, when the upper back becomes injured, it can be successfully repaired using corrective methods.

Of course, the back is not just supported by bones and muscles; it is supported by ligaments and joints, which are all connected to each other through nerves and normal spinal support. A herniated disc may begin to slip out of place, causing undue stress to the disc and a possible nerve problem.

When this happens, the back may begin to naturally shift to another position, resulting in severe pain. Although these shifts can occur without any outward indication of discomfort and so are not necessarily felt, they can still lead to pain.

Stress fractures in the back are another type of injury that can occur from normal wear and tear. These are commonly found in athletes, which can result from excessive lifting and repetitive use.

Another simple problem that is easily ignored, however, is the pull of gravity on the spine. If the spine does not move properly, this can lead to injury and may result in additional problems such as a slipped disc.

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