Is Your Boyfriend Getting Cold? Read on Cheating Tests

So you’re suspicious, and you want to give your man a cheating boyfriend test. There are several things you can look for in your boyfriend’s behavior if you suspect he’s cheating. And the first thing you can do if you have strong reason to suspect is to simply ask him. That could be enough of a cheating boyfriend test right there, judging by his reaction.

You can’t expect a boyfriend who’s cheating just to admit it the instant you ask, but you can sometimes tell by the way he responds to whether or not it’s true. One cheating boyfriend test is the inability to look you in the eye when he says no. Of course, some experts say that intense eye contact, like staring as he speaks, is also a sign of deception.

You know your boyfriend best and may be able to judge his reactions. If you’ve ever known him to lie to another person, compare how he acts when answering you. Was he shocked by the question? Or did it seem like he was expecting it, and had a ready-made answer?

A cheating boyfriend test can include several things to watch for. When his phone rings, does he leave the room to take the call? If that’s something that you know he does even when his mother calls, then that might not be a sign that anything’s up. But if it’s recent, it could be a signal.

If you ask him who was on the phone, does he either stammer and search for an answer or get annoyed that you’re even asking? Does his answer sound practice, and it is always one of the guys? If you ask to see his phone, how does he react?

Be sure when you’re looking for signs that you don’t act angry or demand he hand it over, or else. Anyone would get upset at that kind of behavior. And that’s not a fair judge of a true reaction.

When you’re not with him, does he still call you, or you always the one reaching out? Does he call many people? One thing to try is to stop calling him and see if he reaches out to contact you. If he’s on the phone all the time but never manages to call you, you might have further reason to be suspicious.

Your reasons for suspecting that he’s cheating should probably play a bigger part in your decision about whether he’s cheating than anything else. Why do you suspect? Did you see or hear something for yourself, or did someone tell you something? Do you really trust the source of the information?

Be sure you don’t try to find things out just out of curiosity because if there’s no good reason for you to suspect, and he finds out, he would have the right to be angry. If he’s completely innocent and hasn’t really given you good reason to start questioning his behavior, your cheating boyfriend test could end the relationship.

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