Planning to Start Your Paleo Diet? Read On!

The Paleo diet was first introduced by Loren Cordain, a physician, and geologist who spent years studying the earliest human remains. In his book, “The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Build Muscle, Resuscitate Disease”, Dr. Cordain shares his research that shows how our prehistoric ancestors survived on raw meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Paleo is not about becoming a vegetarian. In fact, it’s a high-protein diet rich in animal protein and saturated fats. It also includes plenty of seafood and fish products as well as eggs and dairy products.

A Paleo diet may seem like an easy way to lose weight, but it’s not all meat and no vegetables. It can be challenging, but if you stick with it, you’ll eventually start to see results.

Today, many are discovering that there are many more natural alternatives to eating meat and other animal products. There are plenty of recipes out there for meatless meals. So long as you cook them correctly, you can enjoy tasty, healthy meals without having to resort to eating animal products.

The key to understanding Paleo is to learn to eat more vegetables than meats. That sounds obvious, but it’s actually really hard to go to a regular grocery store and find a selection of vegetables. Some are seasonal, some are in season and some are only available in certain areas of the country. I’m not suggesting you change your lifestyle entirely, but you do need to make adjustments when it comes to your eating habits.

Some people think the Paleo diet is only about eating raw fruits and vegetables, but there are a lot of delicious alternatives to animal foods. There are so many delicious ways to eat vegetables that you might be surprised by how easy it is to find those foods. Take the simple concept of brown rice, for example.

Brown rice is cooked quickly and then eaten as is. It’s raw in the way it’s made but is already eaten in a form that’s already prepared. As a result, you don’t have to mess around with cooking it, which means there’s no additional fat, salt, or flavor. Add vegetables and you’re almost done.

Many people don’t like the idea of cooking vegetables because they think it takes a lot of time. You could be right, but cooking is only part of the Paleo process. Instead, many people are using the technique of steaming, which makes your vegetables taste even better.

At home, you can find recipes for cooking steamed vegetables and meats that are often prepared in natural food stores. Again, you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving out the meat or cutting back on the vegetables, because you’re getting a healthy alternative instead.

Going to restaurants doesn’t have to be as exciting as going to a nice restaurant at a fancy establishment unless you make it there yourself at home or at one of the many discount restaurants that are popping up all over the place. When it comes to dinner, it doesn’t matter what you order; it doesn’t matter how fancy your dish is. Whether you’re with a friend or family, it doesn’t matter.

Eating out with family and friends at restaurants can be difficult, especially if you want to eat healthily. On the other hand, going to a more casual restaurant might be even harder. Enter Paleo, which offers a delicious and healthy alternative to high-calorie, low-nutrient meat, and other animal products.

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