Population Growth: The Effects On Our Environment

The population of the world is slowly increasing. As this happens, we need to take great caution in making sure we don’t harm the environment. If we don’t be careful then it could lead to disastrous effects for us and nature.

As cities grow larger and larger the natural land around them is being turned into homes and office buildings. We need to set up more parks inside cities to allow for a large amount of urbanization. These parks help to beautify the city while helping to preserve our environment.

As we build these homes and cities we are using more and more lumber and other natural resources for the buildings. We need to limit how much quarrying is allowed in one area, and they need to be replanted instead of left bare. If you have ever seen the aftermath of a quarry you would understand how it is a scar to the earth.

When we use the trees in a rainforest or any forest we should replant at least the same amount of trees that we took out of it. Birds, squirrels, and other animals use these forests to survive and gather food. Without this natural habitat, they will slowly begin to die off.

Also, alternative power sources should be researched and used more heavily. As we burn more and more fossil fuels we are hurting the atmosphere and slowly losing those valuable resources. Learning how to expand our uses of solar, wind, and hydro-electric energy will greatly help save the environment.

It may not seem like nature is being hurt any now. However, as time goes on we will slowly begin to see a decline of animals and may even see some species go extinct, and if we don’t change the way we live we may soon outgrow nature herself.

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