Reversed Marketing

Have you ever submitted your ad to an FFA page? Most likely you have. Did you get any results from it or did you just get a ton of emails in your inbox?

FFA pages are gaining popularity popping like bombs everywhere!

What is an FFA page? It is free for all pages.

How it works is quite simple: you place a line of text on the FFA site for free…like thousands of other advertisers each day.

The problem with FFA pages is that everybody is submitting their ad to it. So each time a new ad is submitted, all the other ads roll down one rank and the oldest ad is dropped of. What originally gave an exposure of days per submission, today only gives you about 30 minutes. This means you have to submit at least 3 times a day. You can do this automatically by using an auto submitter, which claims to submit your ad to a zillion websites. You must understand that this is not regular websites, but search engines, Directories, and FFA pages. Still, it is a lot of ads, and someone might see it.

The lack of results from these ads is because:

your ad is mixed in with hundreds of other ads

Have you ever visited an FFA page and looked at the ads? Today most people use automated submission tools, so they never visit the site.

If someone does visit the page, your ad could be gone within a few hours or less.

For those of you that have submitted your ads to FFA pages, you must have noticed all the emails you receive back.

How would you like to be the one sending out those emails?

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t POST to FFA pages… You should HOST your own FFA page!

There are several ways to approach hosting your own FFA page.

The next step you have to do is notifying URL submission services.

Enter your links page title and address. Press submit, and you will notify over 140 URL submission services about your page.

This service costs us$19.95.

Now you are the one sending out all those emails with your info in them. It’s called “Reversed advertising”. And it’s the most effective way to market yourself on the internet today!

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