Seeds And Plants Which Can Be Grown At Home

If you love gardening then chances are that you have already tried your hand at cultivating a couple of plants. However, if you are a beginner who is just starting out, you may be ridden with doubts.


You may just have doubts about whether the plant will eventually grow or not. Also, some plants require additional heat, water, and humidity which may be difficult to provide always. So here, we make gardening simple and easy for you. Here are the top easy to grow plants which will ensure success without fail!


This is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Mint plants will grow rapidly and even spread to neighboring patches of your garden if you are not careful enough. Hence, a good approach is to grow mint in a container. The good thing is that this plant needs hardly any maintenance and care. You can take a fresh sprig of mint and can grow it anywhere either in direct sunlight or inside a cool and shady place. You only need to make sure to water the mint plant thoroughly every day till you see the seedling leaves appear.


Tomatoes are so easy to grow that it is almost ridiculous! All you need to do is take a handful of tomato seeds from a tomato that you have already cut. Then make sure to wash the seeds from all the tomato juice that is clinging to them. Otherwise, the seeds will be coated with sugar which can cause a fungal attack. Then place the seeds around a quarter inch from the soil top. You should begin to see shoots appear after around a week or so. Once the seedling leaves appear, place them in direct sunlight for three hours every day till the leaves are grown. Then transplant the seedling into a pot.

Sweet peas

These cute looking green peas are often used in germination experiments in schools because they grow so easily. You could even place peas on a moist wad of cotton on a bowl. Then keep the bowl in a shaded area and watch the seeds sprout in a few days’ time. You can transplant the seedling once you see the secondary leaves appear on the shoot.


Beans are another great option if you wish to ensure fast gardening. Simply place a couple of beans inside a seedling pot. Then water them regularly and keep the pot in a shaded area. Once the shoots emerge, place the seedling in direct sunlight for a few hours daily till they toughen up to face constant sunlight.


Did you know that you could cultivate ginger by just cutting off a portion of the ‘eye’? The surface of the ginger root has several small projections on it. In order to successfully grow the plant, you need to cut off this portion and place it under the soil. It will breed marvelously. Slowly, it will grow its roots into the soil and then the shoots and leaves will appear.


You can easily grow a lemon tree from existing lemon seeds. Just take out the seeds making sure none of them have been dehydrated or damaged by cutting. Then wash off the seed surface from all sugar residues. Then plant the seeds into the soil. You will need to place the seeds a little towards the bottom of the soil. Then you can expect to see seedling plants emerge. The good thing is that each seed will yield multiple seedlings.


These are vine shaped plants which have leaves that look like lily pads. The great thing about this plant is that comes in vibrant colors like vanilla, yellow, crimson, and orange. These flowers are not edible and once you have planted these, they will regenerate with every season.


This plant is typically found in the old-fashioned garden patches. You will find these plants in two varieties – sonata mix and seashells. Growing the plant from the seed is always better than just placing a seedling into the pot as the plant emerges stronger with better yield. The Cosmos plant is fantastic at regenerating itself time and again!


These beautiful flowers can be grown from the seed itself. These flowers will be tall, bright-colored, and always facing the sun! You need to have ample space to grow sunflowers as the flowers grow as high as a corn crop!

Ornamental grass

This is a type of grass that grows out very quickly. Besides, it’s soft and velvet-like appearance makes for a nice decorative patch in the garden or near your balcony. You can easily anticipate regeneration in the next season.


This lettuce variety is a nut-flavored and is mostly found in the high-end salads. Hence, it would do you good to plant them to make your salads! You need to plant the Arugula inside a pot and place it in your kitchen where it is less sunny.

The great thing about growing plants at home is that they are more economical and organic. Therefore, there are no chemicals making for a healthier, tastier meal!

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