Should You Really Buy an iPod?

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you’ll know if you are one, your life is full. Busy is a word we use often. Your lives are busy with family, work, chores, and errands. Frantic might be a better description. It’s called life in the fast lane.

Baby Boomers want to have it all and get it all done now, if not sooner. Have you taken notice of what you are doing? Why you are so busy? Are you sitting in the doctor’s waiting room? Are you stuck in traffic? Do you spend time on your lunch hour doing busy work for your boss?

With a new iPod, you can fill those lost minutes and hours with guilt-free time spent on yourself. The New York Times can be read to you each day.

You can listen to the latest bestseller listed in Oprah’s book club. Music without commercials is available anytime. The latest podcasts are accessible anywhere.

Baby Boomers might think that the iPod technology is too advanced or may only be for the teen scene. The concept, that Baby Boomers are slow to get with the times, can be pervasive. Portable Mp3 players are easy to use. If you have a computer and a high-speed connection, you will have your digital player ready in no time.

If you love to cook, why not listen to your favorite author’s latest while waiting for the pasta water to boil? Have an inspirational podcast ready when you are stuck in traffic. Why not listen to your favorite tunes at work? Tons of options are available for you who can get past the technology paralysis.

If you wish you had more time to read, this is your answer. Do something for yourself, without feeling the guilt. You can cook dinner, clean up the dishes, and get a load of laundry started, all while getting in another chapter of the newest mystery. You can charge up your Mp3 player every night, at the same time it is loading with the latest podcasts. This process only takes about an hour and then it’s ready to go.

Do you have someone that is visually impaired in your life? An iPod would be a fantastic gift. The best would be one you loaded up with hours of books, music, and podcasts. This would be a gift that would last a long time. How about loading it with more goodies every year? I paid a neighborhood teen to find tons of things online and then download them to my father-in-law’s player. I plan to do the same for many years on his birthday. What a treat for an active Baby Boomer!

Don’t let this technology pass you by. You can do it!

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