Tips to Keep in Mind when Hosting a Pool Party Safety

Are you a pool owner who is looking to host a fun pool party this summer? If you are, safety should always be on your mind. The more swimmers there are in your pool, the more cautious you need to be.

When hosting a pool party, it is important to never leave your guests unattended. This includes adults as well. If you have an in-ground pool, know that not all adults are strong swimmers and some may find themselves in trouble in deep water.

It is also important to examine your guests. If you are planning a pool party for your child and their friends, extra precautionary steps must be taken. Let all parents know that this isn’t just a traditional summer party, but a pool party. You may want to speak directly with the parents of all guests. Do their children know how to swim? Are there special needs or safety requirements that you need to know about?

In keeping with examining your guests, adult pool parties also need to be properly planned. Your friends, family, neighbor, and coworkers may have children. Do you want the children to attend? If not, state that the party is an only adult party. If children are present, it is important to monitor their activity when in or around your pool. Yes, parents should be responsible for their own children, but know that you may be held liable in the event of a pool accident.

Speaking of liability, did you just buy or install your swimming pool? If so, has your homeowner’s insurance been updated? If not, now is the time to do so, especially before your party. Despite the possibility of a variance, insurance can protect you when someone gets injured on your property. Your claim may, however, be denied if your insurance company never knew that you had a swimming pool.

You should also consider the drinks that will be served at your pool party. If you intend to have an adult-only pool party, do you intend to serve alcohol? Of course, you can do so but use your best judgment. Swimming pools and alcohol don’t always make the perfect match. A strong adult swimmer can easily find themselves in trouble when their alcohol content reaches high levels.

As a pool owner, you may have strict rules for your pool, especially if you are a parent. These rules may include no roughhousing and no running. Even when adults are in attendance, it is important to stick with your original rules and instincts. Don’t be concerned with putting a damper on your party, as safety is more important. What you can do is purchase fun pool toys and accessories, such as volleyball nets and basketball hoops that are designed for the pool.

Since pool parties are often accompanied by backyard barbecues, be sure to keep the gate to your pool fence closed when it is not in use. This is particularly the case when small children will be present. Unfortunately, most pool accidents and drowning deaths occur when no one was supposed to be in the pool or when all adults were occupied. Do not rely on the last guest out of the pool area to close your fence, you do so yourself.

By implementing a few of the above-mentioned steps, you can help to ensure that your next summer pool party is not only fun but safe too.

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